This is a short unit organized to aid any English Language Arts Educator in teaching the persuasive essay. I built this unit during my student teaching of a 9th grade class. The set-up for these specific lesson plans included a split class in which my cooperative teacher prepared half the class for her EOCT while I tutored the other half of the class in essay writing. Some of the hooks and lesson introductions include ideas from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. This adaptation is due to my integration of this unit into our Romeo and Juliet Unit, but the unit could be tailored for any fiction or nonfiction piece of literature if needed.

Prezi for this Unit: Click Here

Unit Outline

  1. Lesson One: Learning to Plan your Essay

  2. Lesson Two: Learning to Introduce your Topic, Rough Draft

  3. Lesson Three: Learning to Build the Body Paragraphs

  4. Lesson Four:Learning to Write a Conclusion

    Graphic Organizer for Essay Writing: Double Tunnel and Funnel Method