This poetry unit is constructed to use contemporary music to create student connections to classical poetry. I created this unit during my MAT high school practicum and then adapted this lesson for my student teaching in a 9th grade classroom. Most of my students truly enjoy this unit as it encourages them to look at canonized literature in a new light and to look at contemporary music deeper than they ever thought possible.

Poetry for the Unit:

"Airplanes", B.O.B.

"Run this Town," Jay-Z

"How do I love thee", Elizabeth Barrett Browning

"My mistress eyes" William Shakespeare



Lesson Plans and Materials for Poetry Unit: Use the hyperlinks to help create this lesson for your classroom. Keep in mind that some lessons will take longer than one day. This unit lasted three weeks in my 50 minute classroom.

Lesson One: Poetry Scavenger Hunt
Lesson Two: Vocabulary Word Wall Construction
Lesson Three: Poetry by Contemporary Artists
Lesson Four: Classic Poets and their Poetry
Lesson Five: Classic Poets Continued
Lesson Six: Poetry Composition
Lesson Seven: Peer Review of Poetry Composition
Lesson Eight: Review, Poetry Unit Test
Lesson Nine: Poetry Unit Test